After many bug fixes and feature enhancements version 1.0 of this project has been released. It has passed the following CAPE-OPEN / COCO compliancy tests:

A COUnitViewer example project to load Thermo v1.0 property packages and Unit v1.0 components is also included under the Examples folder. Although COUnitViewer is mostly functional, proper multidirectional error handling and reporting is not fully implemented.


This code base was developed to run a Delphi® developed reactor model in Aspen Plus®. CAPE-OPEN was selected to interface the Delphi model with Aspen Plus®, since both the model and interface development could be done in Delphi®. An additional advantage of using the CAPE-OPEN standard interface is that the same model can be run on any other CAPE-OPEN compliant simulator. The alternative would have been to link the model to the simulator using a proprietory FORTRAN stub, but this would have tied the model to a specific simulator.

Additional CAPE-OPEN functionality and extra interfaces (such as Thermo v1.1) may be added eventually, especially if more developers join this project. Bugs and enhancement requests can be logged under the bug tracker (preferred) or via email. Logo